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Lutino Alexandrine Parrots - Alexandrine.

The Lutino Alexandrine is a sex-linked mutation and as a result Lutino hens are much easier to achieve than the cock birds. George hasn’t attempted to put a split hybrid cock back to a Lutino hen yet because his first priority is to increase the size and make the bird as pure as possible and to breed all weak characteristics out before attempting this. Alexandrine Parrots Australia is the home of quality alexandrine parrot/parakeet and ringneck parrot/parakeet mutations, located in far north queensland, australia. Specialist bird breeder of quality blue, violetblue, and lutino alexandrine parrot/parakeet mutations, as well as stunning cobalt, violetblue, and lacewing ringneck parrot/parakeet. How to produce Lutino Alexandrine Parrots Are getting many of the mutations Durra US through crossbreeding strains of Durra US with Dura Indian but such experiments require practices expert in education and the need for time and a long period and also to control the production remain pure and distinct, without the appearance of defects and flaws in the production and fertility problems.

The Alexandrine Parrot – a large bird with a streamlined body and elongated central tail feathers – is an excellent example of a good-feathered bird. The cock has predominately green plumage, a rose-pink collar, a purple-red patch on the wings and a broad black stripe across the lower cheeks. The tail is blue, tipped with yellow. The nominate Alexandrine parakeet has all-green plumage and an immense beak. As with many birds in the ringneck family, color mutations are becoming more widely available to consumers, including the lutino yellow and the blue mutations. The Alexandrine comes in five distinct subspecies, some slightly larger or smaller. Alexandrine Parrot Mutations - The website for Specialist Alexandrine Parrot Breeders, George and Ida Van Der Togt. The Alexandrine Parrot / Alexandrine Parakeet An intelligent and playful friend. The Alexandrine Parrot is a very popular pet bird that was named after Alexander the Great. They are known as the “gentle birds with large beaks.” Not only are they beautiful, they were also considered prized possessions for royalty in Europe.

Alexandrine Parrot Mutations, Australia,. lots of lutino alexandrines for sale prices from $ 800. March 23, 2015 · Here are some pictures of lacewing alexandrine that is available for $ 500 if you like to start breeding some rare mutations in the alexandrines. Can freight to mayor cities 02 66431262. Alexandrine Parrot Mutations. Alexandrine parrot for sale. This advert is located in and around Cardiff, Glamorgan. 14 months old alexandrine parrot, very family freindly, not noisy at all, starting to mimic words, has become slightly cage defensive due to lack of time given.

Hand reared Alexandrine parrot,8 and 1/2 weeks old. Eating seed,fruit and vegetables on its own. Very tame and will make a great companion.easy to teach how to talk.Phone 2804 click to reveal Located in Pottsville.$325.The last photo is the father. Like all parrot species, balanced nutrition is very important for pet Alexandrine Parakeets. Most pet Alexandrine Parakeets do well on a diet consisting of fresh vegetables, leafy greens, grains, some healthy seed, tree nuts and a high quality commercially made formulated pelleted diet. Fresh vegetables are the cornerstone of a good diet for. Parrot Bird Parrot Toys Alexandrine Parrot Parrot Rescue All Birds Budgies Colorful Birds Animals And Pets Cockatoo Alexandrine Parakeet, Psittacula Eupatria Photographic Print by Joel Sartore. Find art you love and shop high-quality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 24/12/2019 · Alexandrine parrots, also known as Alexandrine parakeets, are named for Alexander the Great, who enjoyed having them in his palace. Their diet is the same as for all small parrots. However, since they are larger than typical parakeets, their fresh food can be slightly larger. With a diet high in.

Photos - Alexandrine Parrot Mutations.

The Alexandrine parakeet is also known as the Alexandrian parrot or Alexandrine parrot Psittacula eupatria is a parakeet species belonging to the psittaciformes order and the Psittaculidae. The Alexandrine Parrot / Alexandrine Parakeet is an intelligent and playful friend. Alexandrine Parrot or Psittacula eupatria, their breeding feeding housing. Alexandrine Parrot. Lutino Alexandrines were produced by crossing with the Lutino Ringnecked Parrot Availability: Bird dealers. Purity of the Alexandrine has been compromised by people crossing these birds with the Ringnecked Parrots to produce. Alexandrine Parrot. 71 likes. Community. Hi everyone Am looking for lutino or blue or white alexandrine par. rot anyone who have or know someone please contact me on my what's app 00973 35662086 Am Ahmed from bahrain am looking for quantities Thanks See More. Alexhaven - Alexandrine Parrots Australia, Cairns, QLD. 16K likes. Alexandrine Parrots Australia is the home of quality alexandrine parrot/parakeet and.

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